The Wedding Workout 2

You seemed to love my first Wedding Workout, so I thought I would hit you with Wedding Workout 2. My wedding is a mere 7 weeks away, and that means it's crunch time in the gym. This workout session even applied during a recent jaunt to the cottage!

The Wedding Workout 2:

Repeat this circuit 3 times to feel the burn!

  1. Jump Rope x 1 minutes
  2. Push Ups (full or modified) X 20
  3. Jump Squats x 1 minute
  4. Bench Dips x 20 (I did these off the edge of a Muskoka chair while at the cottage)
  5. Jump Rope x 1 minute
  6. Walking Lunges x 20 per leg
  7. Bench Bunnies x 1 minute
  8. Mountain Climbers x 40
  9. Jump Rope x 1 minutes

Incorporate it into your exercise schedule once or twice each week. It fits perfectly into the original Wedding Workout schedule, too.

P.S. Don’t forget that exercise can’t undo bad nutritional habits.

How are you getting prepped for your wedding? Comment below.

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