The Joy of Ceviche - Andina in Portland, OR

I wouldn’t consider myself a foodie, but I certainly do love good, healthy food. For some reason though, I have always worried about ceviche! It’s just a little weird that “raw” fish could be so tasty. But this all changed with my first experience at Andina Restaurant in Portland, Oregon’s Pearl District. Andina is a Peruvian hot spot bursting with flavour – and it’s not just from the food. The minute you walk in the door your senses are titillated by the bright colours, earthy feel, and jovial crowd. If you’re lucky you’ve chosen a night when you can enjoy a traditional Peruvian band just to enhance your experience.

None too soon, as your table is called it’s time to dive into Andina’s house specialty – ceviche. Do not miss the opportunity to dine on this fish dish that is well-prepared, simple and delicious. Concerned about raw fish? Don’t be (unless you’re pregnant, that is). The acids in the marinade called leche de tigre (a combination of lime, chilies and raw onions) cook it to perfection.

You’ll enjoy the heart-healthy benefits of lean fish, the digestive power of lime juice, the immune-boost of onions and the warmth of chilies (in case you didn’t get enough in your drink) and the antioxidant and vitamin overload that comes with each ceviche dish.

What else does ceviche provide? From an energetic perspective it is a very cooling dish. Ceviche proves that eating a healthy meal doesn’t have to lack flavor or fun - just what the doctor ordered!