Treat Yourself - My Visit to NY's Magnolia Bakery

Today we are on the topics of treats – yes, treats! I may be a Naturopathic Doctor in training, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the occasional sweet. In fact, years before I began my schooling I had a sweet tooth I needed to seriously reign in. Years later, I have weaned myself down to the occasional indulgence. And one of my favorite places to do just that is Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan’s cozy West Village. I doubt I am the first person to write about Magnolia, and I certainly won’t be the last, but it’s popularity is due to it’s perfect little product. And it’s sweet. From Red Velvet cupcakes to perfect lemony bottoms with buttercream tops, this bakery boasts the most delicious cupcakes ever.

Since my first Magnolia experience years ago, I now compare every cupcake I have to theirs.

In fact, I even had my mother carry one home for me all way to Toronto on her return flight from New York City. It was during a frightful exam period and I savoured every bite of my cupcake. This treat was enough to restore my focus for one more night of studying.

For this reason alone I completely encourage treats. It’s unrealistic to avoid sweets at all costs, but it is a matter of being reasonable. Treats are meant for special occasions. They shouldn’t be a daily occurrence.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine terms, the spleen controls the sweet cravings.

Having just a bit of sugar will stimulate the spleen, but having too much will lead to major health issues. So limit your sweet treats to special occasions. Also, learn to recognize “sweet” in some of nature's healthiest fare – carrots, peas, fruit, and more all lend a natural sweetness perfect to satisfy the Spleen and your tastebuds.

One of these just might be on your next trip to New York City. Expect a wait in either location – but enjoy the treat! It’s just what the doctor ordered!