How to Manage Long Flights and Travel

My journey just so happens to involve a lot of travel. In fact, today as I write this post I am sitting on a plane on my way to Atlanta to accompany my mother, Tosca Reno, to one of her many speaking engagements around North America. My job as a student and future physician is to teach you how to travel through the journey of health with all of the tools of a naturopathic lifestyle. Today's topic? Early morning, long flights. It's the reality of our world these days - early flights to business destinations, conferences, vacations, etc so how can you make the most of the experience without damaging your health? Here are my tips.

  • First of all, pack the night before.
  • Get as much sleep as you can.
  • Nix the coffee for 1 liter of water or a hot cup of water with lemon.
  • Pack snacks. If you're traveling domestic you can bring nuts, seeds, and fruit along the way. If not, stick to oatmeal.
  • Long flight? Take some melatonin to knock you out.
  • My most naturopathic tip? If you're changing time zones you can prevent jet lag by lying on the ground for 10-30 minutes after arrival. Sounds crazy, but it works. Trust me!