Graduation Day!

It is with great joy, pride, and exhaustion that I write this post the day after my graduation from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. What an incredibly, overwhelmingly, amazing day that yesterday was for the Class of 2013. I still can't really put it all into coherent sentences, but I will do my best. On Wednesday night my jitters started. I knew a big day was ahead of me and I couldn't sleep with anticipation (I can't imagine what I will be like the night before my wedding). On Thursday I was up at 6am ready and raring to go! I jetted over to Blo King West to have my hair done up. I then went back home where I continued to literally buzz around the house until I had to leave at 11:30am. I couldn't keep my excitement down. I think I annoyed the crap out of my fiancé and sister who were trying to do work before the event.

Finally, I got dressed and headed out the door to make my way to the University of Toronto's stately Convocation Hall where the event would be held. I love the architecture of this beautiful building, it makes the event so much more celebratory. Gowns and hoods were received and a line up was created to help us make our way into the hall. Parents, partners, family and friends circled the graduates as we took our seats. The applause was amazing. The ceremony of it all was priceless!

The rest of the event was an incredible mix of emotions from excitement at hearing our president, Dr. Bob Bernhardt, speak about the current state of naturopathic medicine in Ontario, to tears of pride while reciting our oath, to laughter and joy at hearing the words of our class from our valedictorian, Tim Searle.

The true crowning moment was taking the stage one by one to be hooded by our dean, Dr. Nick De Groote, and receive the official paperwork. I was lucky enough to receive it from my mom, Tosca Reno, who sits on the Board of Governors at CCNM. Thanks Mom! My classmates said I was shaking with excitement when I received my hood. I just did my absolute best to take it all in. I won't soon forget it.

The day progressed with tons of photos, a lovely reception at Knox College, and an amazing dinner with family at Sidecar on College.

And the celebration doesn't stop there. Tonight we have graduation formal!

Studying for boards can wait until Tuesday. For now, I am basking in the glory of officially being a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine! Bam!